OPEN HOUSE on Saturday September 16th from 15h00 - 16h30

Hi everyone!

Are you and your child not yet familiar with The Little Gym but curious to find out all about our program, our facility and what all those other parents like so much about us?

We invite you and your child(ren), aged 10 months - 5 years, to join an afternoon filled with fun, activities, climbing, swinging and hanging around!

Come to our OPEN HOUSE on SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 16th from 15h00 - 16h30.

FREE entrance so please come in and play, have fun and receive more information about the possibilities for your child. You can even book your introductory class to have a real The Little Gym experience or sign up for this season!

See you Saturday for some Serious Fun at The Little Gym Haarlem!

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